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Eric Moreland

Meet Gina

Client Concierge Assistant
In 2021, Gina became a pivotal addition to EMgroup, assuming the role of Client Concierge Assistant. With a foundation in marketing and a proficient background as a copy editor, Gina's meticulous approach guarantees a comprehensive oversight in every undertaking.

Luxury lives in the details, anchored in excellence, ease, and meaningful connections. Here, you are one of one. With a tailored level of service that’s as unique as you are, we’ve turned our back on the “one size fits all” approach. Like you, we believe the little details matter in a big way. You can trust us to bring comprehensive advice and investment insight that’s tailored to the letter. When it comes to making the right choice for your portfolio, we take the time and care to help you make it happen. From where we sit, luxury isn’t about the asking price – it’s about the experience. We’re elevating it from start to finish.

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