The Colorfield

Welcome to The Colorfield, Austin's latest enclave of exclusive residences in Old West Austin, seamlessly merges design, luxury, and artistic ingenuity. Each facet of these remarkable living spaces is meticulously curated with contemporary, upscale finishes to deliver an unparalleled residential venture. Our expansive three and four bedroom residences are thoughtfully adorned with sleek, modern features, all while accommodating personalized design preferences. MORE information at

Best New Development Award

Recipient of the prestigious Austin Business Journal's Real Estate Award for "Best New Development," The Colorfield will be a true work of art for those who live by their own rules- unconstrained by lines. The Colorfield stands as a living masterpiece, an embodiment of individuality and creativity. 

About the Project

To carry out our mission of building Austin’s future by upholding its legacy, Cumby Group developers took inspiration from HOPE Outdoor Gallery and incorporated its spirit into the design of The Colorfield.

To respect HOPE’s achievements and memorialize what the art park meant to the community, Cumby Group named the project The Colorfield. Through the planning and construction of the project Cumby Group is working together with HOPE in partnership to relocate key elements of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery to the new location. Cumby Group is also working with a select group of artists that gained notoriety with their start at HOPE Outdoor Gallery to create a mural wall that will be located at the front of The Colorfield building for all to see.

Quickfacts on Colorfield

Construction Progress

The Colorfield is well underway to debut in late 2024/early 2025. Take a look at our progress from Spring 2023. Stay tuned for more updates.

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