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Expertise, Exclusivity and Excellence: Our Approach to New Developments

At the forefront of Austin's luxury real estate market, Eric and his team are the go-to choice for the city's most prominent luxury developers. Renowned for delivering superior consulting, marketing, and sales expertise, EMgroup stands apart with hands-on engagement at every phase of the development process for the premier brands they represent – from the drawing board to the market and beyond.

Armed with years of specialized experience in high-end real estate, EMgroup has a wealth of historical market insight, cutting-edge analytics and innovative marketing strategies to seal every deal. Our expert agents and savvy in-house support staff offer deep insight into the luxury landscape, carefully cultivating every detail of these luxe, exclusive properties.

Staying true to the EMGroup gold standard, we act with unparalleled skill and a consistent record of delivering exceptional outcomes. Our methods breathe new life, offer unmatched viewpoints and provide keen advice to steward every project to lasting success.

We collaborate with developers in a way that's more than just professional – it's a partnership of purpose. By customizing our proprietary database to reflect the unique allure of each estate, we can fine-tune our marketing machinations and respond to every ebb and flow. As a homegrown team, we’re committed to endeavors that resonate with our Native Texan and Austinite sensibilities — projects that not only reflect but enrich the distinctive character of the Central Texas communities we hold dear.

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