EMgroup and The Austonian

The Austonian holds a special significance for us at EMgroup. Not only was it one of our initial luxury development endeavors, but it has also been the location of our downtown office for over a decade. Since its inception, we've been intimately involved in every stage of The Austonian's journey - from its foundational pillars to its residential events. We're acquainted with each owner and have contributed to the customization of numerous bespoke residences within its walls.

Embedded in our daily routines, we proudly serve as an onsite resale team, dedicated to supporting the community, both present and future residents alike. Many of our listings are private offerings within The Austonian. For a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities within this iconic locale, we invite you to connect with us directly.

Active Listings

Pending and Sold Listings

The Austonian

Positioned in a premier downtown locale at the corner of Congress Avenue and Second Street, The Austonian luxury condominiums stand tall as one of Texas' tallest residential towers. Boasting quintessential vistas encompassing the Texas Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, the downtown skyline, and even stretching out to the Texas Hill Country, The Austonian offers its residents unrivaled panoramic perspectives. Immersed in a realm of unparalleled services and amenities, this is urban living at its zenith, exclusively available at The Austonian. A truly matchless address in the heart of downtown Austin.

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Quickfacts on The Austonian

Project Update

The Austonian's developer residences have been completely sold out. Resale condos offer a diverse range of price points and luxurious features. Privacy is paramount at The Austonian, leading many residents to seek properties on the private market. Reach out to Eric Moreland Group for the most up-to-date information on availability and to schedule a tour. You can find our downtown office conveniently situated just beneath The Austonian on Congress Avenue.

Active Developments

Past Developments

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