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Our talented team of real estate professionals are the leading source of home sales and are positioned to help a buyer make the best decisions based on their needs. We are there every step of the way from negotiation, to inspection, to settlement. We are ready to help you by simplifying the sales and listing process to negotiate the best Return on Investment for you.


Eric and his associates provide comprehensive real estate sales and marketing services for builders, homeowners, and developers of all types. Ensuring that each unique property maintains a competitive edge, Eric provides market research and analysis to help deliver the most competitive products in term of design, pricing, marketing and sales strategy.

Brand awareness

Luxury properties have special marketing needs, starting with the development of a strong and unique brand. We use both data and experience to refine the brand narrative and ensure that prospective buyers understand the exclusive features and intangibles that justify a premium price. With an in-house award-winning graphics design specialist, we create custom identity and collateral that will set your property apart.

Market Research

Every successful transaction starts with a careful understanding of the target market. Our agents work with our marketers to identify the perfect customer and most profitable pricing for your property, using our exclusive data sources.

Market Engagement

Through robust online and offline marketing and a team of Austin real estate experts we are able to drive personal engagement with not only our sphere of high-end buyers and sellers, but also well-qualified new leads from target demographics. We believe that nothing beats the personal engagement that we can provide on all fronts from lead capturing, to depth of market reach, to professional one-on-one home tours.

Lead Generation

Once the brand and target buyer are defined, we accelerate a campaign of numerous lead generation tactics; from traditional media to private tracking analytical strategies. We keep up-to-date on the latest methods to be sure your property is in front of the right prospect at the right time and that we are continuously capturing the most qualified leads.

Custom Database

With over 20 years of experience we know the value of a strong database whether it’s targeting clients, cross-referencing data, or seamlessly managing leads. We’ve created our own extensive database, custom to Eric Moreland’s office. With a focus on real estate opportunity – we’ve created and an all-encompassing system that services and connects our clientele. We’ve combined our knowledge and expertise into a powerhouse system that works for you and us! No matter how specific you are searching- whether it’s a buyer, seller, vendor, or market data – let our database work for you.