Spring Launch 2024

Spring Launch 2024


Presented by EMgroup

As the early days of spring unfold in Central Texas, the anticipation and enjoyment of delightful weather and sunshine are upon us. With that excitement, EMgroup has diligently curated a Spring Launch campaign featuring some of the most promising new real estate opportunities in Austin for 2024. This handpicked collection of new and reimagined listings are being offered earlier than usual in an effort to get ahead of the spring inventory surge we typically see in April/May. 

2024 is more unique than most years and is pivotal for buyers, investors, and sellers. With the evolving landscape of market dynamics and interest rates on the cusp of adjustment, not to mention the election this fall, the opportunity to secure properties in Austin's most coveted locales has never been more inviting. EMgroup is deeply familiar with the nuances and trends of the luxury real estate market. During the early months of 2024, we observed a marked increase in activity, indicating a market abuzz with potential. Subsequently, the company executed an extensive, multi-channel marketing campaign encompassing digital, print, and online platforms to showcase a carefully selected mix of new and elegantly updated listings for 2024. 

Eric’s knowledge of the market comes from over 20 years of experience guiding his clients to successful transactions. This year, he recommends the following: “With spring inventory expected to be larger due to the upcoming election taking center stage later in the year, my advice to buyers is to negotiate but do so reasonably. For sellers aiming to sell before spring 2025, you must be reasonable and realistic about current property values. Could you have gotten a x3+ return by selling your property in 2021? Yes. However, if you want and need to sell this year, it’s time to come to terms with the current values, which are closer to about x1.5-2. That’s a strong return. Of course each of our clients has a different need which is where our customized strategy for each property comes into play with our services.” 

For more on current market trends and a closer look at EMgroup’s 2024 insights, reach out to them at Eric Moreland Group today, call or text 512.480.0844.

Luxury lives in the details, anchored in excellence, ease, and meaningful connections. Here, you are one of one. With a tailored level of service that’s as unique as you are, we’ve turned our back on the “one size fits all” approach. Like you, we believe the little details matter in a big way. You can trust us to bring comprehensive advice and investment insight that’s tailored to the letter. When it comes to making the right choice for your portfolio, we take the time and care to help you make it happen. From where we sit, luxury isn’t about the asking price – it’s about the experience. We’re elevating it from start to finish.

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